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The Naval Safety Center mission is to prevent mishaps, save lives, and preserve resources. The goal of the Safety Center is to provide the tools needed to enhance command safety culture, and to ensure the combat readiness of our forces and the Navy’s global war-fighting capabilities. Mishaps take a toll on our military defense and diminish our readiness costing us time and resources; damaging equipment and posing harm to our Sailors, Marines and civilians. We here at the Safety Center feel it is critical to deliver relevant, interesting and useful content that will help with the Department of the Navy's mishap-prevention and overall safety efforts. Our publications have been created by the Naval Safety Center Media team to serve as valuable tools to communicate key mission objectives that support fleet operational priorities.


Since 1955 Approach magazine has guided Navy and Marine Corps aviation professionals with information, statistics and a bit of humor. Most of all, Approach has given aviators a place to share stories, misdeeds and adventures, to make us better, safer and more effective.

These first-person "There I was" stories have been the basis for Approach since its inception. This sharing of stories also has bonded naval aviators - past and present - to one another and to the profession itself. Picture yourself with a damaged aircraft, operating in blue water with a pitching deck and enough gas for one, maybe two, approaches, and you have everything needed for a "There I was" story.

Mech magazine was welcomed into the fleet in 1961 as the aviation-maintenance safety magazine for the Navy and Marine Corps. Mech provides stories, information, procedures and most of all, a venue to raise safety awareness among our aviation maintainers. It is written by maintainers for maintainers and is credited as a critical part of a continually improving safety record in naval aviation.

Whether you are part of the supply system or the maintenance support team, or if you are the professional who turns the wrench while working on a state-of-the-art jet or helo, Mech magazine plays a key role in mission accomplishment. With inputs from the fleet, our Naval Safety Center staff, and systems experts, Mech helps get the aircraft mission ready and flying.

The RIDE magazine has been archived. However, you can access RIDE newsletters and Rider Down Reports at https://navalsafetycenter.navy.mil/Resources/Motorcycle-Rider-Down-Reports-Newsletters/. Continue to access archived copies of our safety publications using the link below.

Our family of safety publications is available online at https://issuu.com/navalsafetycenter/stacks.
You can continue to access our low bandwidth family of safety publications online at http://safety.navylive.dodlive.mil.

Email feedback and questions to SAFE-MEDIAFDBK@navy.mil.


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Writers Wanted

The editorial staff is always looking for a few good writers. We want to publish your articles and stories that:

- increase operational readiness,
- evaluate safety and health issues,
- correct deficiencies, and
- emphasize situational awareness.

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